Worried About Climate Change? Come Borrow Some Money!

winds and cyclones and floods are very dangerous because theuy telecharge microbs and Virus to hulan persons frm earth or from sea or air via all directions and currents from all region in the world universal.so we musttake care of this risky caseswhere covid isour occupation for human health now


By Paul Homewood





This one is equally irresponsible, because it encourages people to get into debt that they cannot afford, simply by making them feel guilty.

They claim that their “green mortgages could help those trying to save the planet”, as if these mortgages will make the slightest difference to anything.

Maybe if NatWest are so concerned about the planet themselves, they should offer interest free green mortgages. Somehow I don’t see that happening!

Or maybe their investment bankers might like to donate their bonuses to fund solar panels for us mere mortals!

At least the little piggies did not have any pretensions back in 1984!

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